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ZWIN-GCP08 Gas control Panel

ZWIN-GCP08 Gas control Panel

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ZWIN-GCP08 Gas control panel can connect up to 132 gas detectors,which can realize remote signal transmission; at the same time, it can control solenoid valves, exhaust fans, motors, water pumps, sound and light alarms, spray systems, machinery and equipment, etc to realize automatic job. It can achieve the integration of remote monitoring and cloud monitoring, which is convenient for users to conduct real-time and accurate management and grasp the alarm status in time. The gas control panel has a wide range of applications, such as chemical waste gas monitoring, environmental monitoring stations,engineering tunnels, laboratories, exhaust gas monitoring,environmental protection companies and so on.

1、Multiple operation modes, convenient for use

7-inch high-definition color screen display, can support touch operation with 2 buttons at the same time, alsosupports button operation

2、Modular design supports flexible custom configuration

Standard RS485 signal input and output, up to 100 gas detectors can be connected

Can support 4~20mA signal acquisition input of 8 to 32 channels, and can connect up to 32 gas detectors (optional)

Can support 16 channels of 4~20mA signal output (optional)

Support up to 6 relays,standard 4 relays, can add 2 relays as optional option

The controller and the controller can communicate with each other (optional)

3、Powerful data storage function, convenient for users to view historical data

Standard 1000 sets of alarm events and off-event records, users can view on controller

Standard SD card storage function, can store 100,000, larger capacity can be customized

Can support SD card and U disk to export data by one key, which is convenient for users to view or delete records

The storage interval can be set arbitrarily, and the time, real-time concentration value,alarm information, etc can be recorded.

4、Multiple display modes can be switched

Each screen displays 6 channels gas concentration, displays the concentration value unit,and real-time curve of the single channel in large font

Auto-loop and manual loop can be switched between channels

The device name can be customized, and the high and low alarm values can be set by users

Chinese and English interface can be switched by one key, more languages can be customized

5、Can support wireless transmission (optional)

Support LORA, WIFI, 4G wireless communication (optional)

Data can be uploaded to its own cloud platform or other cloud platforms such as EPA

Can provide SMS reminder function, and the transmission signal is not limited by distance

Can be viewed in real time on the mobile app and computer

6、Powerful functions, can meet a variety of scenarios and applications

Support one-key elimination alarm function

Support remote program upgrade function

Can support 4-20mA and RS485 signal input and output at the same time

It can be connected to a computer, and the real-time concentration can be continuously monitored for 24 hours through the PC software, and the data can be automatically stored on the computer

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