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Development History


  • In 2014, the development of an atmospheric grid integrated management platform and the research and development of dust monitoring equipment were launched;
  • In 2015, the atmospheric grid integrated management platform was put into the market, and dust monitoring equipment was put into production;
  • In 2016, a large number of dust monitors were put into the market, and a sensing technology research center was jointly established with the School of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering of Nankai University;
  • In 2017, environmental monitoring systems were developed, dust monitoring technology was mature, and micro air quality instruments were developed and produced, resulting in highly praised solutions;
  • In 2018, micro air quality monitors matured and gained industry recognition. VOCs online monitoring equipment and oil smoke monitoring technology matured, and environmental monitoring platforms were widely deployed;
  • In 2019, motor vehicle exhaust monitoring systems and online smoke monitoring systems were put into the market, and the intelligent environmental protection management platform became increasingly perfect;
  • In 2020, the intelligent environmental protection comprehensive platform expanded and improved the research and production of environmental automatic monitoring stations;
  • 2021——
  • 2022——
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