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  • ZWIN-TPF06 Velocimeter Monitor

    78 CEMS Products CEMSEnvironmental Monitoring

    The ZWIN-TPF06 Velocimeter monitor has a high-precision differential pressure/static pressure sensor, and is equipped with a backflush and zero standard unit. pressure, and flow rate monitors, which meet the requirements of relevant national standards, can be used in the smoke emission monitoring system (CEMS) for real-time continuous measurement of flue gas temperature, pressure, flow rate […]

  • ZWIN-CEMS06 Online flue gas analyzer

    249 CEMS Products Air QualityCEMSEnvironmental MonitoringGasOnline Flue Gas Analyzer

    ZWIN-CEMS06 flue gas analyzer is a gas analyzer independently developed by ourcompany for environmental monitoring and on-line gas analysis of industrial fieldemissions. The analyzer mainly measures gas concentrations such as SO2, NO and O2,and has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high stability and reliability,and fast response time. Especially suitable for extractable ultra-low emission CEMSsystem.

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