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ZWIN-CP06 Gas control panel

ZWIN-CP06 Gas control panel

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ZPO6 is a wall-mounted gas control panel. This model is mini size,flexible and convenient to install. Support 1-4 channels 4-20MA signal acquisition and with sound and light alarm function. Relying on accurate gas detection and monitoring, the panel can control solenoid valves,exhaust fans, motors, water pumps, sound and light alarms, sprinkler systems, machinery and equipment, etc,to achieve automatic operation.

It can be used in various fields, such as chemical waste gas monitoring,environmental monitoring stations, engineering tunnels, laboratories,exhaust gas monitoring, environmental protection companies, etc.

1.It integrates monitoring, control, alarm and other functions,and can be applied in various scenarios. The whole machine is small in size, flexible and convenient to install

2.With sound and light alarm function

3.With wiring port reverse protection function

4.Support 1 to 4 channels of 4~20mA input

5.Support 1 to 5 relays

6.Support custom high alarm value, low alarm value, range

7.Support gas type switching (oxygen/non-oxygen)



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