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ZWIN-AQMS06 Air Quality Monitor

ZWIN-AQMS06 Air Quality Monitor

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ZWIN-AQMS06 Air Quality Monitor is an online monitoring product used to provide real-time and accurate detection data of outdoor ambient air pollutants. It adopts a pumping sampling method and can be equipped with a variety of high-precision gas sensors according to actual conditions. AQMS1006 is capable of detecting PM2.5, PM10, CO, NOx, O3, SO2, TVOC and other air quality parameters and meteorological parameters including temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction with high precision and high accuracy. The gas sensor can be replaced according to specific needs.

  1. Reasonable structure design, capable of monitoringgas parameters,PM, meteorological parameters,including PM2.5, PM10, NO2, SO2, O3, CO.
  2. The gas and particulate matter are sampled in two channels, and the gas is pumped separately in separate channelto avoid mutual interference. In the gas sampling equipped with a miniature vacuum pump, the reaction time is 1.5 times faster than ordinary diffusion collection methods;
  3. Imported high-sensitivity sensor, fast response, high resolution, good linearity, and the lowestlimit of detection is up to ppb( part per billion) level, stable operation under high temperature conditions;
  4. Usedliquid crystal display, it can display various test data and instrument working status intuitively and dynamically, friendly man-machine interfaceis provided;
  5. Realizesvariousparameter collection, automatic upload to the online platform,cellphone app .The  real-time data can be viewed on online platform ;
  6. Integrated GPRS wireless communication technology, real-time monitoring of atmospheric environment data, low cost, suitable for grid layout;
  7. Optional GPS positioningto realize equipment tracking function;
  8. Optional solar power supply to realize the complementary of solar energy and city power;
  9. Stable performance, high accuracy, convenient operation, easy maintenance, and power failure protection function;
  10. High precision and reliable performance, suitable for outdoor and industrial environments.
Enclosure Water-proof,dust-proof,rust-proof,lightning protection, heat dissipation;GPRS transmission, Outdoor installation
Humidity&Temperature module Temp:-40~120℃; resolution: 0.1℃;


Humidity:0~100%RH; resolution:0.1%RH;


Particle module Detection Method:Light scattering laser photometer;Resolution:0.1ug/m3;

Measured Mass Fraction: PM2.5,PM10,TSP

Concentration Range:0~1000ug/m3(optional)

Gas module NO2: measuring range/resolution:0-1/0.001ppm

Sampling accuracy:±2%FS

CO: measuring range/resolution:0-10/0.001ppm

Sampling accuracy:±2%FS

SO2: measuring range/resolution:0-1/0.001ppm

Sampling accuracy:±2%FS

O3: measuring range/resolution:0-1/0.001ppm

Sampling accuracy:±2%FS

Wind spped& wind direction module Wind speed:0~45m/s;resolution:0.1m/s

Accuracy:±0.3m/s;Start-up speed:≤0.5m/s

Wind Direction:0-360°;resolution:1°


Barometric pressure Range:10~1100hPa, resolution:0.1hPa,Accuracy:±0.3hPa
Software system Basic functions(Real-time monitoring, query)
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