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Automatic detector ZWIN-AQMS30P-PM2.5

Automatic detector ZWIN-AQMS30P-PM2.5

Dust Products 380 0

Technical data

Measuring range – 0-1.0 mg/m3 0-10mg/m3 optional

Min LOD – ≤0.005mg/m3

parallelity – ≤±7% or 5 μg/m3

Power supply – AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz

Timing error – 10kPa

Sampling flow deviation – 16.7LPM ±2%

Operating temperature – 0-40℃


  • storage capacity can reach to 1,000,000. On board storage for over 20 years of data
  • Real-time operating system, online software upgrade
  • Keyboard input
  • One channel for sampling and analysis in case of any error caused by paper feed
  • Mass flowmeter to measure the flowrate, constant sampling to ensure the measurement accuracy
  • Automatic fault diagnosis and alarms, also capable of fixing errors remotely
  • Multi interface output: analog output, current output, relay output


Detected entity particle
Technology digital
Other characteristics real-time, automatic, with LED display
Output RS-232, RS-485, analog, with relay output
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