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Water quality multi-parameter monitoring system – probe

Water quality multi-parameter monitoring system – probe

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Product model: ZWIN-AQW1006

Multi-parameter probe: PH, UVCOD, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, oil in water, etc.

ZWIN-WQMS06 multi-parameter water quality probe adopts an all-in-one structure design. Each sensor has a waterproof connector, which can be calibrated and replaced on site. It can be connected to up to 5 Zhiyi era digital sensors at the same time, which can meet the needs of rivers, lakes, oceans and Monitoring needs for water quality of various water bodies such as groundwater.


ZWIN-COD1006 UV254 COD/TOC online analyzer, many organic substances dissolved in water absorb ultraviolet light. Therefore, the total amount of organic contaminants in water can be measured by measuring the absorption of ultraviolet light at 254nm wavelength by these organic substances. The UV254COD/TOC online analyzer uses two light sources, one is 254nm ultraviolet light, and the other is 365nm reference light, which can automatically compensate for the effects of light path subtraction and turbidity, thereby achieving more stable and reliable measurement values.


ZWIN-Cond1006 online conductivity analyzer adopts internationally leading four-electrode technology, RS485 digital interface, and supports MODBUS protocol. Compared with the traditional two-electrode electric signal sensor, it not only has higher accuracy, wider measurement range and excellent stability. 4. The electrode conductivity sensor also has two unique advantages: first, it completely solves the polarization problem during high conductivity testing; second, it solves the problem of inaccurate readings caused by electrode contamination.

Wider application fields: freshwater monitoring, natural water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, industrial heating/cooling, industrial emissions, chemical processes, acid-base determination, power plants, swimming pools, pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage industry, drinking water, etc.

ZWIN-CONT1006 multi-parameter water quality controller can support all the company's digital water quality analysis probes, and has a complete external interface, which can easily realize sensor probe networking, remote control, fault diagnosis and other tasks.

Multi-parameter probe: PH, UVCOD, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, oil in water, etc.

Measurement method: no reagent required, input monitoring, no secondary pollution, plug and play, connected to the controller, can also be used at buoy stations

Functional features: easy installation, response time <30S, waterproof and anti-corrosion probe

Applicable scenarios: surface water, pollution sources, sewage treatment plants, etc.;

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