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Particle detector BAM1006-M

Particle detector BAM1006-M

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1.Measuring range: (0-1000) µg/m3, (0-10000) µg/m3 optional

2.Measurement accuracy: ±2%

3.Full scale value: 1.5mg/cm2 area: 1cm2

5.Center distance between spots: α±0.5mm, α is set value about 13.5mm

6.Minimum detection limit ≤2µg/m3

7.The temperature before measurement is -30℃~+50℃, and the indication error is ±0.5℃


Continuous Particulate Monitor BAM1006-M adopts the principle of β-ray absorption to measure the particle concentration.

It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, small size, light weight and easy operation. It has a Bluetooth module inside, which can be connected to a portable Bluetooth printer, and can directly read the printing data parameters and get the results in 1 minute; lightweight and convenient.

Particle size channel: PM2.5/PM10/TSP (optional Range: 0-1000/10000ug/m*)

System features: small size, light weight, the overall weight of the core part does not exceed 17KG, easy to carry; built-in Bluetooth cross block, can be connected to a Bluetooth printer. Directly read the print data parameters, and get the result in 1 minute;


A safe dose of beta rays is used as the radiation source. The beta radioactive source is 14C, the half-life is 5730, the performance is stable, and it meets the standard of nuclear safety guards.

Directly measure the mass of particulate matter using the principle of β-ray absorption.

The air flow is controlled by a flow meter, and the constant current has high precision.

Automatic continuous monitoring, easy maintenance and low operating cost.

Daily or one-monthly monitoring data can be exported through USB or memory card

Real-time transmission via RS485.


Detected entity particle
Technology beta ray
Application monitoring, for indoor air quality, for indoor use, industrial, outdoor, calibration, rugged, instrumentation
Other characteristics real-time, portable, automatic, high-performance, high-precision, mobile, integrated, embedded, continuous
Output Modbus, USB, 4-20 mA
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